So, you have decided to buy a new car or upgrade your existing one. Does the thought of financing your car worry you?

How do you know that you have received the best interest rate? What documents do the banks need? Frustrated by all the paperwork and hassle? Finance applications, insurance quotes, tracking unit fitments, aargh!!!...

We have the solution. Our in-house finance team offers a complete one-stop shop that will guide you through the process and save you time and money.


Let me introduce our Finance and Insurance (F&I) team to you. Charlene Dakin heads up our F&I operation and has been with us for 12 years. Prior to that she worked for a large motor retail group after cutting her teeth in the industry with one of the vehicle finance institutions. Charlene is our key individual and a fully qualified financial services provider. She also holds a Retail Insurance Diploma. Her favourite product is the Volkswagen EasyDrive Maintenance Plan because it provides our customers hassle free motoring. As Charlene puts it, “Who would have thought you would never have to worry about paying for your vehicle maintenance and service”.


Charlene is a valued member of our team and has nurtured many a new sales executive through the pressures of monthly targets and a very competitive vehicle sales landscape. The motto she lives by: “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain”.


Letitcia started working in the motor industry in 2007 as a customer care consultant. She then worked in vehicle sales where she was first exposed to the F&I department. During her time in our new car sales department, Letitcia completed the Volkswagen International Sales Certification. After joining our F&I department in January 2021 she obtained her NCA accreditation and is currently studying for her RE examination. Letitcia lives by the motto, “If you can be anything, Be Kind”. Her favourite insurance product is our Trafic Used Car warranty that offers our customers cover for unexpected and costly vehicle repairs after the manufacturer warranty has expired.


Ian has been a qualified “F&I” since 2004 with Wesbank. He has represented Volkswagen Financial Services as a marketing centre manager and then joined Hoopers in 2014. His qualifications include NCA, FAIS and RE accreditations as well as an Institute of Marketing Management Diploma. His favourite Insurance product is Shortfall Insurance Cover to help customers who have a difference between their insurance payout and the price of their replacement vehicle. The motto he lives by, “Always challenge the status quo”.


Now that you have met the team, here is a guide to our finance application process:


1. Using one application we can apply on your behalf to all the major banks. We get fast approvals and can then view which bank will give you the best interest rate.


2. To complete the process, we need to verify the following original paperwork – ID and drivers licence, proof of residence, last 3 months’ bank statements and payslips. You will also need to have a breakdown of your income and expenses.


3. Our in-house finance team is fully qualified and NCA accredited to provide you sound advice and personalised service. We want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.


4. If you are trading in with us and need to settle your existing finance house, we can do this for you and save you money. If you finance your new purchase with your existing finance house they will give you what is know as a preferential settlement figure. This means that you get a discount off your capital balance and, in doing so, receive more for your trade in than you initially thought!


The other ways our F&I team can make the car buying process easier for you are:


 1. Pre-fitted Tracking devices: We have tracking units fitted in all our cars saving you the hassle of finding time to get one fitted and saving you money on your monthly insurance premiums. For a small activation fee you can be safe in the knowledge that your car is being tracked and you won’t be tied into long contracts with Tracker. You are still required to pay Tracker a monthly fee to monitor your vehicle.

2. EasyDrive Maintenance or Service Plans:  These unbelievable value offers from Volkswagen help you to budget and make it incredibly easy to have your car serviced or repaired at any Volkswagen dealer around the country.  For more information you can read this blog post:

3. Insurance Quotes: Through our alliance with Telesure you are able to get your insurance quotes quickly and easily. No need to submit all your details (and your vehicles) again and again. We will do it for you.


4. Shortfall cover: I have seen too many customers who have been unable to replace their vehicles after their accident damaged car has been written off. This product will cover the shortfall between your insurance payout and the new vehicle (of the same model type and spec as the original car you has insured) price.


Take the pressure off buying your next car. Chat to one of the Hoopers team for sound advice and personalised service. We have been Durban’s go to car people since 1933.