There is nothing more frustrating than having to repair your car when you have not budgeted for the additional expense. It is important to remember that a car is very complex and combines hundreds of computer, electrical and mechanical components. In short, things can go wrong.

To assist our customers in this regard, Volkswagen has put together a very compelling maintenance plan offering under the banner “EasyDrive Maintenance Plans”. As the name suggests, these plans are designed to give Volkswagen drivers peace of mind and make the process much easier if things do go wrong.

My favourite aspect of this Volkswagen offer is the ease of checking in at our service reception. If you have a Volkswagen EasyDrive Plan and bring your car into our dealership, we can view the EasyDrive Plan easily and do not require any long authorisation process to get the job done. This will speed up the repair process and means we can get you back on the road sooner.

The next part of the plans that impress me is the price. I genuinely believe that one get’s real value for money. I list a few of the reasons for this below:

Protection against price inflation

When you buy a maintenance plan you pay upfront for a number of years’ worth of services and part replacements. This means that, irrespective of exchange rate fluctuations, parts price, or labour inflation, you never pay any more for the duration of the plan you have purchased. If you include the maintenance plan with your vehicle finance, you can also spread the cost of your maintenance plan over the finance period. This makes your vehicle cost of ownership very clear.


An EasyDrive maintenance plan includes all costs of servicing, replacement of parts (including brake pads and wiper blades). The only ongoing maintenance one needs to pay for is tyres and fuel. Very important! Please read your owners manual and service your vehicle in accordance with VW’s instructions to ensure that you don’t unwittingly break the terms of the agreement and void your plan.

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

If you can’t come to us in an emergency, we’ll come to you, with free Roadside Assistance on all plans.


Continue to service your Volkswagen with the Volkswagen experts. Ensure that your baby gets the attention it deserves from Volkswagen qualified technicians and that you only fit Volkswagen genuine parts.

So now that I have finished singing the praises of a Volkswagen EasyDrive Maintenance Plan, let me explain when you can and cannot take one out for your car. The first thing to understand is that the maintenance plan product can only be so well priced if Volkswagen is comfortable that the car has been well maintained at the point of incepting the plan. This makes it easy to put a maintenance plan on a new car, but there are certain conditions before an EasyDrive plan can be added for a used car. These are:

  • Existing 3 year / 120,000km warranty is still active (passenger cars)
  • Existing service or maintenance plan is still active
  • Service history is up to date.

I really hope that this article helps you decide whether an EasyDrive Maintenance Plan is right for you or not. If you would like a quote, please send an email to Please include your name and surname together with your vehicle registration and your contact telephone number.